Dublin Venues

Hello and welcome to the place to source event and meeting space for hire in and around Ireland's biggest and most friendly city, with a huge selection of places available for all sorts of occasions. Whether you're a businessperson aiming to make an indelible impression on customers and colleagues or you're getting married and are searching for that perfect place in which to hold a wedding reception, you'll find a place for hire that matches your requirements to the letter. With a unique mixture of hospitality and first-rate service, you'll find Dublin venues that are available for hire which can cater for all kinds of social gatherings.

Throughout the last ten years Dublin has become much more than merely the capital city of Ireland. As a leading voice in the European Union, the city has become increasingly prominent as the venue for business meetings and commercial enterprises of all kinds, with a subsequent explosion in the number of quality meeting facilities for hire within the city and its surrounding areas. If you're looking for space to rent for first-rate corporate entertainment or a high-prestige product launch, the city has a wealth of great options from which to choose that can fit any specification or budgetary constraint.

Most of the Dublin venues that are ideal for large-scale business events are to be found either around the city's International Airport or its central business district situated around O'Connell Street and Talbot Street. Places that can host major conventions and exhibitions are to be found in these parts of Dublin, with places for hire that specialise in the provision of leading-edge meeting space and first-rate conferencing facilities. Additionally, the city centre is home to some of Dublin's finest hotels, places which can also serve as great locations for meetings and events in their own right.

Hiring this kind of place can offer distinct advantages to those attending an event as well as those whose task it is to arrange it. Not only can accommodation, catering and entertainment all be arranged at the same time, but attendees have the convenience of their lodgings being in close proximity to the venue itself. The best Dublin venues of this kind have an extensive resume of successfully-hosted events where the management and staff have been on-hand throughout preparations and fulfilment, providing essential support when needed.

As befits its reputation, however, you'll find that Dublin is more than just a great venue in which to do business. With its legendary status as one of the world's most friendly and (sometimes) raucous cities, it can offer organisers of any event the perfect place in which to unwind, relax or party. Many of the places that can cater for commercial activities also make a great choice when selecting a place to host a social gathering such as a birthday party or wedding reception.

Of course the city's reputation for hospitality doesn't preclude business travellers from enjoying the more Bacchanalian Dublin venues either. With a huge number of superb restaurants and bars, businesspeople and their clients can can make full use of their companies' expense accounts - provided the receipt gets lost on the way home! As well as its bars and eateries, the city is also home to Eire's biggest artistic and musical community with a large number of venues which present the best of Ireland's dynamic cultural scene.

Whatever sort of occasion you're planning you'll find some great Dublin venues that provide the very highest levels of service and facilities. With options that are suitable for occasions of all varieties you'll have your event prepared and under way in no time at all.